Saturday, October 18, 2014

Plastic Pumpkin Planter

It is fitting that for my first post sharing a completed craft, it would be for Halloween. After all, it is the month of October. My favorite month, by the way. I am particular to the fall season, not to say I don't like the other seasons. I couldn't live in a world without changing seasons. Fall is just my favorite and like it is for many others, it is due to the cooler temps, colorful leaves on the trees, fall sports (football!), and the best time to make delicious soups in the crock pot! And, let me not forget, my birthday is in October!

I also love to decorate with mums. Specifically, on the porch and walkways. This year is no different, and I purchased yellow, purple and orange. There weren't any red available, or they would have been added to my shopping cart as well.

As I was walking through the Halloween items at Walmart, I passed by the plastic pumpkins used by kids when they trick or treat. Brain storm happening here! I thought, I could use these as planters for my mums! I then look up at the price and a smile immediately graced my face. One Dollar! They were only a buck! I picked up a couple...less is more, remember, so I didn't want to use this as a planter for all of my mums.

It was a bit of a messy process. Why? Because I am messy. Organized, but messy when it comes to crafting.

Here is the result:

The only issue I had is that the mums wanted to fall away from each other. So I put a pull tie around the base of the flowers. You could use pretty fall ribbon as well, but I didn't have any on hand. Hey, I am just getting started and need to stock up! A few days later, they relaxed on their own and the pull tie is no longer visible. A simple Halloween craft. But, it's a good start to getting the creativity flowing.

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